Recordings - 2010


Loving God, Loving your Neighbours Part 1
Loving God, Loving your Neighbours Part 2
I Am Joseph
A Growing Faith
The Ultimate Family Reunion
Learning to Pray More Like Jesus

Jacob Father of Joseph
Prayer and Faith
Growing Deeper in Prayer The Prayer at Getsemane
Intercession Standing in the Gap
Restoration Glory
Meeting the King
Revelation Glory - Peeking Ahead
Seminar on Covenant

Worship in Spirit and in Truth
Being Fruit-FULL
Beautifully Fit for The King (MP3 link) ( page)
The Mystery of God's Call (MP3 link)( page)
Truth & Lies (MP3 link) ( page)
Prayer Shield (MP3 link) ( page)
Psalm 23 (MP3 link) (
The Servitude of Jesus (MP3 link)(
Confirmation Service Sermon (MP3) (
Hitting the Mark
How Then Should we Live
Jesus, the Living Water (MP3 Link) ( page)
Jesus, the Bread of Life (MP3 link) ( page)
Christmas Eve - How Does God Look Like? (MP3 link) ( page)
Abiding in Christ (MP3 link) (


Series on The 10 Commandments
The 10 Commandments
The Ten Commandments
The Ninth Commandment
Honour your Father & Mother
Thou Shall Not Steal
The Seventh Commandment - Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery
You Shall Not Murder

The 4th Commandment
You Shall Not Misuse the Name of the Lord (MP3 link) (
The 2nd Commandment - You Shall Not Make for Yourself an Idol (MP3 link) (
The 1st Commandment - You Shall Have No Other Gods (MP3 link) (

40 Days of Love
My #1 Goal (MP3 link) ( page)
Love Matters Most (MP3 link) ( page)
Loving with Our Words (MP3 link) ( page)

Love Lets it Go (MP3 link) ( page)
Missions Fest: An Aspect of Love: Love in Serving God (MP3 Link) ( page)
Love is Not Easily Angered (Part 1) (MP3 Link) ( page)

Love is Not Easily Angered (Part 2) (MP3 Link) ( page)
The Secrets of Lasting Love (MP3 Link) ( page)

Seminars / Events

Family Camp 2010
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
Session 5

Marriage Seminar
Keys to Building a Healthy Marriage (MP3 link)(

Healing Meeting
Jesus Heals Today
Thirsting for the Supernatural

Ladies Seminar
Ladies Talk

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