Recordings - 2009

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Taming the Tiger
Night 1
Night 2

Power of God's Favour
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

Becoming a Blessing Seminar
The Invitation to Significance
The Potential of a Person
Becoming a Disciple, Part 1
Power to Live & Be a Blessing
Becoming a Disciple, Part 2

Marriage Breakthrough Seminar
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4

Book of Jonah Seminar
Session 1
Session 2


Series on Psalms
from 2008 ...
The Glory of the Living God
The Glory of a Sovereign God
Faithfulness in Spite of Our Impatience
God's Faithfulness in Spite of Our Faithlessness
Series on Psalms : God's Faithfulness in Spite of Our Sinfulness
Who is My God (Psalm 113)

Series on Honour
Honour What Is It and Why Do We Need It
Honouring God - Who Do We Honour
Honouring in the Church


Growing Deeper in the Lord
Bearing Fruits
A House of Prayer
Prayer Seminar - Session 1
Prayer Seminar - Session 2
It Shall Be Done
It Shall Be Done
The First Tempation of Jesus
A Praying Community
The Second Temptation of Jesus
The 3rd Temptation of Jesus
Living Christ' Resurrection Life
Lord Teach Us How To Pray
Our Identity in Christ as Sons and Daugthers
Our Identity As Saints
Stewards of God
Intecessory Prayer - Our Identity as Soldiers of God
Living in Troubling Times
Living As a Spirited Powered Christian
The Holy Spirit and Prayer
Attitudes for The Market-Place (Atitudes for Life)
My Job - Career or Calling
Praying for the City
Battling For Souls
Encountering God Through Prayer
Leaders Retreat - Session 1
Leaders Retreat - Session 2
The Choice - Better Or Bitter
Prayer in the Acts Church
God's Missionary Purpose
Joseph Favoured Son, Hated Brother
Joseph - From Penthouse to the Prison to the Palace
Joseph's Life in Prison
God's Time Has Come
Reaping the Rewards of Righteousness
Answering the Call
Joseph - The House of Jacob
Jacob A Sad Old Man
Joseph - Grace
Christ the Promised King
The Faithfulness of God

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