Recordings - 2008

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Seminars / Events

St Andrews Church Camp 2008
Finding Hope
A New Day
Who is the Holy Spirit
The Father's Love
The Power of Opposites

Youth Camp 2008
Youth Camp - Session 1
Youth Camp - Session 2
Youth Camp - Session 3
Youth Camp - Session 4
Youth Camp - Session 5

Victorious Living
A Life of Faith
Living a Life of Excellence
Intimacy with God
The Joy of the Lord
Managing Finances God's Way

Life in the Spirit
1. True Spirituality
2. Worship in Spirit and in Truth
3. The Man Called Caleb

SAC Leaders Retreat 2008
The Christian's Radical Choice
The Servant's Sacrificial Love
The Servant's Utter Obedience
The Servant's Inner Life & Complete Reliance
The Christian's Radiant Joy


Series on Hebrews
Good News, Bad News
Love is an Action Word
Walking in Truth
Walking in Submission
The Foundations of Faith

Series on Psalms
Psalm 1
Overview of Psalms
What is in the Heart of God
Seeing the Glory of God
A Time of Darkness A God of Faithfulness
Wilful Worship has Freedom, Joy and Goodwill
Knowing the Word of God
Psalms 78
Psalms 81 - Listening Community
My God and Me - Psalms 139
The Lord Is My Guardian (Psalms 121)
Salvation is Near (Psalms 85)
Joy - Psalms 26
The Lord is on Our Side
continued in 2009...


Move On... But Remember
Choices and Covenants
Avoiding Pitfalls of Life
My Father's Business
God in the Marketplace
On Eagle's Wings
Confirmation + Deaconship (Andy Shie)
Christmas Eve Message
Christmas Message


Our God is a Powerful Warrior
Father's Day Service
Jesus' Baptism & Temptation
The 12 Disciples
Jesus and the Blind Man

KOOL Leaders Training 2008
1. Why Children
2. Qualities of a Leader
3. Creative Teaching
4. Creative Teaching Part 2

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