Overflowing (Acts 11:1 - 18)

Is there someone you think is not worthy of blessing from God or lesser than others?

That was the case in the time of Jesus. The woman caught in adultery was not worthy to be given a second chance. Yet Jesus loved her, saw her as special and reached out to her. No one could believe it. Overflowing love and grace.

Then there was Zacchaeus, a 'BIG' sinner, a big bad wolf, a cheat and traitor. He deserved to have no friend. Yet Jesus intentionally pushed through the crowd to go to him, befriended him, called him by name, entered his house and then pronounced salvation has come to him. No one could believe it either. Overflowing love and grace.

In today reading from Acts, the unthinkable happened again. Jesus always surprised us. This time, Jesus accepted the Gentiles ... the non-Jews. What the Jews thought was uniquely theirs is now for all. Imagine for a moment, if this has not happened, you and I who is reading this is not included either. Read again how it happened, the miracles, the people and then the pouring of the Holy Spirit on them. Something for many many years was assumed to be for 1 specific race was meant for all. God did not just gave a bit, He gave the same as He gave to the Jews, overflowingly in love, grace and the Holy Spirit.

He is the God is love. And He loves all. No one is unworthy or lesser.

Would you receive his overflowing love, grace and of Himself in the person of the Holy Spirit?

And would you share it, to someone you think is not worthy or simply lesser?


Lord, you have given in an overflowing manner always. Always. And to all, with no exception. This includes me. This includes the person I see as lesser or not worthy. May I know your overflowing love, grace and your Holy Spirit. May I give it to another person, even if it just a

bit that I manage to show or give, because it is always more than enough in you. Thank you Jesus. You are so wonderful. I love you. In your precious Name I pray. Amen