Finish Strong (Jude 1: 5 - 11)

We now see a world that embraces a culture that is drifting further and further away from the truth of God's word; we see more churches, pastors, and believers lay down their bibles and embrace the world's teachings; and we grieve the many Christian leaders who have abandoned their high calling in Christ to instead teach or seek sexual sins in order to please themselves. The Book of Jude is placed as the Bible's second last book, with its unique warnings and encouragement for end-time believers are fitting for us to finish strong as Christians.

Jude writes about the danger of false teachers. In verses 5 – 11, he gave examples from the Old Testament to show the wrong beliefs and actions of these teachers. To teach wicked ideas and actions will certainly bring God’s severe punishment on people like that. The God who saves can certain also destroy those who do not believe. 

God rescued the people of Israel from Egypt but afterwards destroyed those who did not trust Him (v.6). The people of Israel had many blessings from God along the way, but they did not endure to the end because they did not believe God’s promise. 

Some angels refused to obey God and did not keep to their position, so God kept them in chains and in darkness until judgement day (v.7). If angels cannot break the chains sin brought upon them, we are na├»ve to think that humans can; only Jesus can do so. This verse teaches us two lessons that no matter what your spiritual status had been, you, too, will be judged. The angels once stood in the immediate, glorious presence of God, and now they are in everlasting chains. If God judged the angels who sinned, He will judge men. It also warns us to keep walking with Jesus. If these angels' previous spiritual experiences do not guarantee their future spiritual state, neither do ours. We must keep walking and be on guard. 

The two cities of Sodom and Gomorrah in v.8 also stand as an example of God’s judgement. Despite Sodom and Gomorrah’s great blessings from God (Gen 13:10), they sinned and were judged. It doesn’t matter how much you have been blessed in the past, you too will be judged.  

Our past beliefs, past positions, past protection of God cannot be assumed if we renounce him in the present. If we reject Jesus in our hearts, demonstrated by our rebellious actions, how can we ever enter into His kingdom? We cannot be with Christ if we refuse Him, and Jesus will not force himself on anyone. There is always forgiveness for those who have fallen, repent and return to Christ. Jesus is always waiting with open arms and is calling us to come to Him. We must however be willing to reach out to Him and receive the forgiveness and salvation of Christ.

Thank you, Lord, for the faith and the truth. Thank you for Jesus Christ who came out of love to save the world that could not be saved in any other way. He is the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father except through me. I pray Lord that you will help us to finish strong in our walk with you. Amen.


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