What does it mean to be a Christian? (Titus 2:1 - 8)

What does it mean to be a Christian?

To some it may mean praying before you eat, to others it may mean attending church on Sundays and singing songs followed by a sermon, and again others may only be Christians not by choice but because their parents are Christians. But what does it really mean to be a Christian?

To be a Christian means to be a follower of Jesus, or in other words, a disciple of Jesus. It doesn’t just mean going to church on Sundays and doing nothing else on other days, but it means to journey with Christ daily, to build a relationship with Him, through prayer, through reading the Bible, through fellowship with other people, and helping each other to grow in the word and grow in Christ. 

But we also have a duty as Christians. 

We are called to make disciples. We are called to lead people to Christ.

We are put here to be disciples of Christ, and that means to make disciples of Christ. Our life on earth is a “mission trip” because our true home is up in heaven.

We don’t need to be sent out to different places, different nations on a mission trip to minister to people. There are plenty of people we see in our day to day lives that we meet and we interact with, and those people we can minister to. And for a lot of people, coming up to one of them, or even to our non-believing friends and talking about God may be intimidating, but ministering to them doesn’t have to be as complicated as that. It can simply be done through the way we behave and carry ourselves.

The way we choose to act, the way we choose to be in our daily lives could be a way to attract people. The phrase “fisher of men” comes to mind. If we choose to become people who are like the passage we just read in Titus, people who continuously practice imitating Christ, then it surely will be seen by others that there is something different about us, and that can be like our “bait” into bringing people to Christ. We can choose to share about our beliefs, our God, when people like that see us.