Saturday Devotion: Ephesians 6:1 - 9

As believers, as Christians, as followers of Christ, what are we called to do?

We are called to make disciples; we are called to be a salt and light amongst the people here. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to go out and preach the word of God to everyone we see. It doesn’t mean we need to leave our country to reach out to those who are unreached. Don’t get me wrong there is a time and place for that, and if you do feel called to do so by all means go ahead. However, for the majority of people, it wouldn’t make sense to uproot your life and leave your community to reach out to the lost.

There is a way that we can share our faith without having to speak about God all the time, share about God all the time to the people around us. And that is through our actions. Through the way that the world sees us, the way that we carry ourselves in our day to day lives, from even the most insignificant things, the way we act reflects our core beliefs and the characteristics we possess.

I believe that what Paul is trying to convey through this passage is how we as Christians should be in relationship with others, in order for God to be glorified in all that we do. And I believe that in doing so, those who we come in relationship with can also see the love of Christi through us and they may be drawn to Christ too.

We need to live our lives reflecting what we believe in, who we believe in, that through our actions people will be able to see that we are different from the world, that we are salt and light in this world.

Many may dismiss a new convert’s words or the Christian faith, but they cannot deny the testimony of a changed life. Our lifestyles will either validate or deny the message we proclaim.

Does your lifestyle validate the message we proclaim?