Thursday Devotion: UNCHANGING GOD (PSALM 102)

The psalmist in this chapter started by crying out to God for help, pleading for His presence. He is obviously suffering, and feeling there and then that God is so distant from him. He is so depressed to the extent that he lost his appetite, making him weak and thin. He also described himself as a “desert owl and bird alone on a roof” indicating his loneliness and sadness, with no one besides him. Added to that, he also faced opposition, was being mocked and cursed. 

However, after describing his gloomy depressed situation, from verse 12 onwards, the psalmist changed his focus. He started remembering and acknowledging God for His greatness, that He is one who will endure forever. He trusted that God will have compassion and that He will rebuild and restore the nation, bringing deliverance to the people. And that God will answer and not reject the prayers of those in need. Towards the end of this chapter, the psalmist said that “God will remain the same and His years will have no end.” Even though the psalmist is still in his suffering, he ended this psalm with confidence trusting that God will make all things right in the days to come. 

Because of mankind’s fallen nature, they tend to look for permanence/security in the wrong place. They place their hope and trust in things that are changing, thinking that they would be able to find security in them. Whether it is banks, investments, relationships, authority, or something else, they all too readily seek security in these things. But, none of all those things are able to give them the security they are looking for. Nothing is permanent in this ever-changing world. Everything around us will change, such as the landmarks, buildings, mountains, landscape, etc. We ourselves will also change over time. We will experience physical, mental and spiritual changes too. 

There is no way that we can stop changes from taking place. But as Christians, we can put our trust in Christ, our solid Rock who is our firm foundation. Only our God who is unchanging is able to provide us with the security that we are seeking for. Because God is eternal and unchanging, we can trust Him and count on His promises. He cannot fail to keep His promises to protect us forever. He is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1). We are secure in Him.

The Psalmist in Psalm 102 understood this truth, that he can placed his trust and hope in this unchanging God who is able to provide him with the security and save him. Thus, in the midst of his suffering and insecurity, he turned to God. This helped him as he walked through the dark valley of trials, troubles and problems.

Suggested Prayer -

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for reminding me of Psalm 102. I know that everything around me changes as time passed. I am truly blessed to have an unchanging God whom I can rely on and trust without any reservation. I pray that you will give me the confidence to trust in all of Your promises.

In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen