Saturday Devotion: The Genuinely Generous.

In 2nd Corinthians 9:1-11 Paul talks about giving, and doing so generously. He has been boasting about the Corinthian church for the generosity they have, and the contributions they have made. And it is their generosity, their willingness to give that is also making others moved to follow, and take action too. However, Paul also reminds us that when we do so, we do it while being aware of what our intentions are, what the motivation in our hearts are as we give.

I find that my intentions are be something that I often think about as I am going about my day. Although it is not always necessarily about giving, I like to think about why I am doing what I do, is it for a selfish reason? Is it to look good in the eyes of others? Or is it for the glory of God?

This passage is a call to action, for us as followers of Christ to be willing to give what we have. I believe that this giving can go past the norm of money and gifts but I believe that our time could be something we can gift to others. Taking the time to spend time with them, to get to know someone better, to share the knowledge we have on who Christ is, discipling someone to help grow closer to God. By doing such things we can use the gifts, the knowledge that God has given us and to invest it into others, that just as Paul says how the Corinthians have encouraged others to give, we too can encourage others to give what they have, and whatever they are capable of.

The people that we serve, alongside us, with the knowledge that we have acquired can find other means of giving, investing, in others, that they too may come to know or understand more about Christ.


Have we been investing the things that God has given us wisely? Can we trust in the God who gives us eternal life in Him, to also help us out as we give what we have, and to lean on Him alone?


Father, help us to be more like Christ. Help us to be willing to sow the seeds, help us to be generous, to not hold back, to not fear or worry because you are with us, and you are always watching over us and providing for our needs. Help us to invest our money, our time, and our gifts wisely that we may help to further your kingdom and impact the people around us. Help us become a walking testimony of your goodness. In your name we pray, Amen.