Thursday Devotion: Broken walls (Nehemiah 1-3, 1 Cor. 14:34 - 40)

Broken walls are not uncommon. In Nehemiah, it was the broken wall of Jerusalem. Without the wall, the enemies entered with ease and no resistance. The Israelites lived in fear. 

In Corinthians, it was the wall of unity and worship. This was in bad shape. Thus, Paul's words sounded harsh and often misunderstood. It was every person for themselves, abusing the spiritual gifts, using them as a trophy for self-glorification. And in today's reading, we often interpret it as Paul disallowing women to speak in church. This is not so. This was for the church in Corinthians only, not something to be applied to all churches. The women had added to the confusion and disorder in worship. In simple terms, the wall of unity and worship was broken and required repair. Here the believers lived in pride and comparison, fighting for attention. Paul reached out as God's apostle to mend the wall.

The epistle to the Corinthians must be remembered as first and foremost a pastoral letter.

Pastorally, this is the question- what wall in your life or your family or your church or others is broken and needs repair? What is broken?

Let's begin by looking at my own life. My trust in God, my relationship with another person, or a deep personal pain? Bring it to God in prayer, seek His word out to bring healing to this brokenness, or speak to a godly leader.

Secondly, what is broken in the life of people we love? In Nehemiah, each household built a wall in front of their house. We can do something to repair the wall. It is often near and accessible and doable to us. A prayer, a word of love and encouragement, forgiveness, or choosing acceptance. What you can do may seem small, do it anyway. Each act is likened to a brick. When we keep doing it, we mend a broken wall.

Don't leave the wall broken, otherwise, we don't just become believers that are broken but we surrender Christ's precious victory in my life to the enemy. Let God repairs the broken wall.


Dear Lord Jesus, you are the God who builds a wall of protection and unity over my life. Forgive me that I have neglected the wall or even contributed to breaking it. Come and help me rebuild this wall again, in my life, in my relationship, in the church, and in people I love. Amen