Thursday Devotion: The New Me (1 Corinthians 6)

Corinthians 6:6 captures the spirit of today, “I have the right to do anything". Freedom is today idolatry. 1 Corinthians speaks of conflict and taking one another to court,  sexual immorality, greed, drunkardness,  slandering and swindling. Today the world says these are okay. Everything is relative. You determine what is right or wrong. No one else should do it for you. 

"I have the right to do anything". This is the root of our sins and we must repent, not just the behaviour but our sinful pattern of thinking. There is a very wrong and sinful way of thinking. We must turn away from it, otherwise we will always let sin rules. 

Paul refuted all these sins in a very simple way, you are a new creation in Christ. This is the 'new me'. Why should I not go to court to settle conflict with a fellow believer? Because my eternal destiny is to rule and judge with God. Why should I not commit sexual sin? You body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. 

To Paul it is that simple, your identity in Christ determines everything. And not the identity the world tells you, which is basically 'You are god' as only God determine what is wrong and right. And when we truly understand this 'new me' in Christ, we live completely different. We no longer let the loud voice of the darkness rule over us. Instead we live with a renewed life and a renewed mind. 


What is your identity? You belong to Christ or you belong to the world? If you answer is the former, let it shapes your living and thinking in such a way you live for eternity right now and you honour God right now. 


Lord Jesus, so often I want to be like the world, choosing my wrong or right. I get lost and forgot who I really am. Today I remember and affirm that I am a new creation in you and I belong to you. And I have an eternal destiny in you. What a amazing grace. Let me live in such a way that I think and live as one, and not as the world. In your precious Name. Amen