#ThursdayDevotion: A Prophetic Voice (Luke 1:67 - 79)

John the Baptist was a miracle baby born to two elderly parents who were not able to have children. He was destined by God the Almighty to be the forerunner for the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ. In the conclusion of Zechariah’s prophecy of the coming messiah, the “horn of salvation”, he spoke of John as the “prophet of the Most High who will go before the Lord to prepare the way for Him.”

It is said that after the arrest and death of John the Baptist, Jesus declared him to be the greatest of prophets because he was faithful to the one thing that was expected of him, to prepare the way of the Lord! John was the prophet for the first advent.

What does this mean for us?

When I read Zechariah’s prophecy, I can’t help but grow with anticipation of the coming of the Lord in His second coming and we, the Church are now positioned as “prophets” to prepare the way of the Lord, and to give the people the knowledge of salvation.

Friends, John’s ministry of the proclamation of the Gospel did not stop after his death, but is still in effect today. The difference between John and the Church is that he was a prophet of the Old Covenant waiting for the coming Messiah, whereas the Church is a “prophet” of the New Covenant waiting for the return of the Messiah and King.

You and I are called to be prophetic in a world in need of God’s Word, Jesus Christ. You are the prophetic voice in the spiritual wilderness declaring, “prepare the way for the Lord.” My hope is for the Church to rise up in this Christmas season as a force of truth and hope to many who are living in darkness. May we be prophetic – proclaiming Christ to the World.

Hallelujah! Emmanuel! God is with us!

A very blessed Christmas to you.


Additional questions to assist you.

What do you understand by the term “prophetic”?

Do we still have “prophets” and “prophetic gifts” today?

What does it mean for you to be a prophetic voice in this generation?

What message is the Holy Spirit instilling in your heart to proclaim?