#SaturdayDevotion : 1 John 5: 13 - 21

1 John 5:13-21

What does it mean that you believe Christ?

Without referring to the answers below, take a moment to answer the question. Possibly write down as many as you can think of.

And now compare your list to the list from 1 John 's concluding words. Consider whether these are part of your answers.


1. Deep assurance of salvation (v.13), not fear.

2. Confidence in approaching God in prayer  (vv 14-15), not insecurity or doubt.

3. Live as keeper of my brother and sister in Christ (vv.16-17), not adopting the attitude 'I mind only my own business'.

4. Stay away from sin (v.18), not having a relationship with sin.

5. Know that we are children of God (v.19), and God is the perfect Father.

5  Know God personally (v.20), not distance or aloof.

6. Keep yourself from idols (v.21), giving no room in my heart to them.

Can you identify with this list?

Which in this list is missing on your life as a believer? Take time to reflect on them, and ask God to restore in you what John himself experience as the beloved disciple.

Prayer: God, I believe in you. And make me the kind of believer you want me to be, and the kind John was. In your Name. Amen