#SaturdayDevotion Saturday False Hope (2 Kings 24)

Date: 14 Nov 2020

False Hope (2 Kings 24)


2 Kings 24 was a sad and shocking event in the history of Israel and Judah. Judah was conquered, Jerusalem was emptied and the temple of God was plundered. Read from the perspective of the Jews. Can God's holy city and God's house be taken and defiled by the pagan enemies? Surely not. Surely God Almighty protects us. Surely, we are safe as long as we have the temple with us. Surely God’s salvation is with us!


The impossible happened. The Babylonian destroyed and plundered Judah. The only people left in Judah was the poor, those who had no capacity to rebuild Jerusalem. The question rang loud, "Where is God? And why has He not protected Jerusalem and His temple?"


One answer, it was false hope. Judah's hope was on this, 'As long as we have the temple, God won't abandon us.' Thus, the mindset 'Sins are no big deal because as long we have the temple, we have the protection.' This is false hope. God shall not be hold ransom. At the end He executed His punishment by sending Judah into exile.


Reflection:  Do you and I build our lives on real hope or false hope? The real hope is on Christ. Christ has finished the work of salvation. This is our hope. Yet there is the cross we are to carry. This is not a part we do to achieve salvation but it is a center part of a real relationship with Christ. Carrying the cross means we love and obey Him. He is first in my life. Let's never have this idea, 'As long as I have said the sinner's prayer, I now don't need to take sin seriously. I can sin. No big deal.'


Prayer: Lord, teach me to watch for wrong hope and deceptive attitude which says "Because of your finished work on the cross I can take sins lightly." Instead teach me to love and fear you that I would never want to sin and break your heart. In the Name of Christ who is my hope and salvation.  Amen