Daily Devotions for 3rd October 2020


Devotion 3 Oct 2020

2 Kings 4 - Servants

This chapter has 4 stories.

The 1st tells of Elisha using God's power to help the widow and the 2nd tells of him opening the womb of the Shunammite woman and then years later raised the son from dead. The 3rd story tells of him purifying the pots of stews for the sons of prophets. In the 4th story Elisha miraculously fed 100 men with just twenty loaves of barley bread, and newly ripened grain. 

Reflections of servant from these 4 stories:

A. Servant serves.

The one thing that stands out is that Elisha used his power only for others and never for himself. That is true servanthood.  Imagine you have the anointing of Elisha, how would you use it? While I desire the Holy Spirit's anointing I have learned to be glad He has not given it in this measure to many, including myself. I look at many men of God today. Not many can handle this kind of power. Many have used it for themselves, i.e., we have many multi-millionaire pastors. Elisha remained simple and he only served others because he was never more than a servant.

How are you a servant with what God has put into your hands?

B. No servant is greater than his master.

Elisha's ministry mirrored Elijah's in many sense. Elisha ministered to widow by multiplying the oil, mirroring that of Elijah. Elisha raised the boy from dead, again mirroring his master (2 Kings 17). Yet, the true master is not Elijah, but one who is much greater.  Interestingly their ministry ultimately mirrored the Master, the one who would care for the poor, feed 5000, raised the dead to live, and more.  The Master would set captives free, preach the good news with words and miracles. He delivered many from evil spirits, healed many sick. The blind shall see, the lame shall walk and the deaf shall hear. Ultimately the real Master conquered death by dying (Elijah conquered death by being spared death and Elisha healed the pot of death) and rising from death and set all human free from sins and that all who believe him will live forevermore. 

That is the purpose of the lives if Elijah and Elisha is to mirror that of the Master and point all to Him.

How does my life mirror the life of Christ and bring glory to Christ the Master?

Prayer: Lord, I am your servant and help me to be one who serve you and others with what you have placed in my hands already. And let my life and ministry (in every day life) mirror you and glorify you. In Christ precious Name. Amen