Daily Devotion: 13/10/2020

 Hebrews 4.1-13

Ask yourself these questions as you read.

Why didn't the Israelites enter the promised land (verse 2)? 

What does God call this lack of faith (verse 11)?

When can we enter His rest (verse 7)?

Our disobedience can cause us to miss out, a whole generation to miss out if we choose to let fear be greater than God.  This is a challenge to us, especially in a country where the Good News is suppressed, yet this is also what the disciples and early Christians were up against.  We have the Holy Spirit who leads us to talk to or pray for the right people.  Sometimes we need to step out in faith and take the risk when we feel promoted to do something.  If you feel God is telling you to do something or say something to someone that is risky, ask Him to confirm it, or show you how to do it.  

God is still 'at work' in us through His Holy Spirit, but everything, yes, everything was established and finished at creation.  His promises?  Established.  Healing? Established. Solutions?  Established. Deliverance?  Established. It is all there for us to pick up, step into, or pull down from heaven.

We will also be held accountable for our choices.  Our standard is the word of God, not what other Christians do (or don't do). Sometimes we need to be the example.  

Let's thank God for boldness and courage. Let's thank Him for His Holy Spirit and the expectation (today!) that we are going to hear from Him more clearly.  The Good News is good news!

Have a blessed day.


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