21 Days of Fast & Pray - Day 21: Prayer of Praise


21 Days of Fast & Pray - Day 21: Prayer of Praise

Devotion - Isaiah 58:11

As the book of Isaiah draws to a close, God also comforts His people with renewed promises of deliverance from their enemies, restoration to their land and the arrival of God's chosen Servant, who will be sent to save His people from their sins.

The truth of God's never-failing faithfulness, that is contained in His redemptive plan for Israel are equally pertinent for the Church today. Like Israel we have been delivered from the curse of the law, the bondage of sin and its terrible wages. We have already won the victory in Jesus Christ our Lord. We are reminded that Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us and that He who started the good work in us will complete it in the day of Christ Jesus.

We are held secure in the Father's hand and no-one is able to pluck us out of our Saviour's hand. Our parched soul has been revived and satisfied by the living water of life, which has become an inner spring of water, welling up into eternal life. Indeed, we know that we have a blessed hope and eternal inheritance in Christ, that is kept for us in heaven.

He is not only the provider of all our physical needs, but He is the fountain of peace and pardon, the well-spring of grace and strength and His never-failing streams of salvation and security are ever flowing into the empty cup of the weary pilgrim.

Remember, He is not only with you in the parched and weary land, but He will guide you through all those scorched and burning places for a purpose. That is, to draw you closer into His outstretched arms of love and to take you deeper into an undertaking of who He truly is until you can say with Job, "I have learned all about You, but now I have come to a deeper understanding of who You are - I have come to know you in a more intimate and precious way, than before."

Application / Self-reflection

To be able to shout out our praise boldly, we must honor our moments of tearful whispers to God. What are the many things you want to praise God for, at the end of this fast and pray season?