21 Day Fast & Pray - Day 14 : Community Services and Revival


21 Day Fast & Pray - Day 14 : Community Services and Revival

A. Devotion - Revelation 14:6

Mission is the heartbeat of God and Revival His gift for human race. "The Christian faith is to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord and help others know Him as Saviour and Lord". These two matters constitute the heartbeat of Gospel that is, intake and outflow, receptivity and response. And if both the processes are not in operation, the Christian heart ceases to beat. Before His ascension, Jesus gave the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20), to His disciples. Matthew 24:14 says Jesus' assurance that one way or another "this Gospel of Kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations and then the end will come". Today's scripture reading reaffirms Jesus' words. During the present age, the angels are not privileged to preach the Gospel. That responsibility has been given to God's people. Today's scripture shows that our good God, is giving a final invitation to the earth-dwellers to "fear God, give Him glory and worship the Creator, before the judgement falls". The eternal Gospel is the same as what we are preaching now but with one exception that the hour of God's judgement has come.

All creation bears witness to God's existence as well as His power and wisdom (Romans 1:18-21). During the last days, 'the Beast' will convince men that he is in charge of the world and ask to take his mark on forehead or hand. The angel calls men back to the basics; God is Creator - worship and Serve Him alone.

B. Application / Self-reflection

  1. Meditate on God's faithfulness.
  2. Are we faithful to our calling to spread the Gospel at the present age?