19 Sep 2020 - How is your heart?

Devotion 19 Sept 2020
1 Kings 20
How is your heart?

How is your heart? When ones heart is physically unhealthy every part of the body is unwell. It is the same spiritually. When the bible uses the word heart it refers to the inner most being of a person.

Here is an example of a man where his heart is unhealthy- King Ahad.

King Ahad of Israel witnessed God's power and mercy when God used Elijah on Mount  Carmel and the sending of rain in the earlier chapters. This great revelation of God seems to have little impact on him. He remained unmoved in his idolatrous heart.

In this chapter God delivered him and Israel from the king of Syria and his army in a powerful and prophetic manner. Yet he was quick to make treaty with the king, his enemy.

He simply just keep getting it wrong. No sense of God. Stubborn heart. Fell into the lure of man easily (the offer from King of Syria) and missed out on God's blessing totally. God's love and mercy could not be clearer, yet he did not pick it up. He was easy to be lured or decieved as his heart is unhealthy- stubborn, idolatrous and simply out of touch to God.

Reflection: How is my heart? Let's do a check. Do I see God in my life? Do I hear him easily? King Ahad had prophets. We have a better voice from God, the super mighty Bible. The question is never "Does God speak?" or "Is He in my life?"  Neither is the question "Does God help me?" The right question is "Is my heart healthy spiritually, sensitive and obedient to God?"

Lord, your miracles are everywhere. Yet often I missed them or take them for granted. You are speaking always. Yet your Scripture can just be another insignificant book. Heal my heart. Tutor my heart. Protect my heart. That I may be present to you. In Christ's precious Name. Amen


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