21 Days Fast & Pray - Day 5 : Family - Altar, reconciliation and transformation

21 Days Fast & Pray - Day 5 : Family - Altar, reconciliation and transformation

A. Devotion - Deuteronomy 6:4-7

Have you ever heard of this phrase, "Charity begins at home"? It is often misinterpreted as taking care of the needs of your family before taking care of others. However, what it really means is that children learn how to be giving and generous if they have parents at home who model generosity and the spirit of giving. Similarly, we can say, "Worship begins at home." What do you think this means?

In Deuteronomy 6, we are reminded as parents, to establish our family in the Christian faith, build up our personal conviction and teach sound doctrine to our children. We build a family altar by reading God's word, praying and worshipping God together as a family. Children do not automatically grow up and become "good Christians". They need to see their parents "walk the walk and talk the talk." How we live our lives becomes the model and standard by which our children, and other non-believing members of our family, define a godly life. Loving God and His Word, learning to pray for others, seeking the good of others are all things that should start from home. In this way, you will see the love of God expressed outside your home and in your community, thus obeying the commandment Jesus gave in Matthew 22 to love our neighbours.

As you pray and intercede for your family and friends, think about the family altar you are building. Even if you are single, or are yet to have children, the special times set apart for prayer, worship and the study of God's word is so important! You can build your own altar to God and trust that as you continue to obey Him, He will bring many to build their family altar and add to yours, for His glory.

B. Application / Self-reflection

  1. What are some practical ways to make family altar time an exciting time that everyone looks forward to?
  2. What are some activities that families can do together to show God's love in others, so that we can model His love to our children and non-believing family members?