21 Days Fast & Pray - Day 11 : SAC and the ministries


21 Days Fast & Pray - Day 11 : SAC and the ministries

A. Devotion - Isaiah 6:8

God does not force His will upon His children. Isaiah's response to God from a place of guilt, shame and condemnation, reflects a heart broken and contrite for sin, fully yielded to its Creator. Once again it once again debunks every myth long held by humanity that only those considered perfect by worldly standards stand approved by God too. Our God who is no respecter of persons, sees in Isaiah far more worth than he sees in himself.

Oftentimes we spend so much of life pursing our self-worth in accolades and the validation of man, whereas the pursuit of God and His righteousness only carry eternal significance. Only an encounter with the Most High and the revealing knowledge of His all-encompassing love restores you and me to what God originally intended for us to be.

We serve an infinite God, whose ways are not our ways and whose eyes roam the earth searching for those faithful to His cause. May our response to Him always be like that of the Prophet Isaiah - simple, precise and unwavering - 'Here I am, send me!'

B. Application / Self-reflection

  1. During this season of prayer and fasting, ask God to move over your heart with His love and healing regarding past experiences, people and circumstances.
  2. Have you experienced a transformation in old ways of thinking/attitudes as a result of the Father's love?