01 Aug 2020 - Pride

1 Aug, Sat
Isaiah 14:1-17

In this passage it speaks first of the deliverance of Israel (vv.1-2). The next part speaks of God's judgment of Babylon and Babylon's downfall (vv.3-12). Before returning to the downfall of Babylon, it speaks of the fall of a greater power, Lucifer (vv.13-15), the fallen Archangel, who before his fall was the worship leader in heaven. Since his fall he is known as Satan.

Why did Isaiah connect Babylon with Lucifer? The answer lies with what is common- both fell from glory and power and the reason for their judgement and fall is one primary thing, PRIDE.

Pride is darkness. Where pride is at full maturity there is only room for one, self. Everyone else means nothing. Even God has no room in one's heart that is filled with pride. Pride makes one think the whole universe revolves around him. Isaiah uses Satan as the epic example of pride. Pride at its fullness thinks he is God.

Guard your heart against pride. Hear the warning in Isaiah against Babylon. When one is proud he becomes not just enemy with others, but ultimately with God. James 4:6 tells us God opposes the proud. This is the idea that God is enemy to the proud. This is what happened to Babylon and Lucifer.

Pride is always knocking at the door of our hearts. You find it knocking at our hearts when we are successful, powerful, rich, good looking .... and even when we pray better or know the Bible better. Can you identify when pride is knocking at your heart? If you don't hear it knocking you are in trouble, it is probably in your heart already. The right response to pride in our lives is always recognising pride and repenting.

And from there, we will always need to consciously work to keep pride as far as possible. How do we do it? Keeping God and His words in our hearts. Prayerfulness.

Prayer: Lord, help me to recognize where my heart is most prone to allow pride to enter. Fill my heart with your presence and words so that I know who you are, who others are and who I am, so that I worship you and become a servant to others just as you did on earth. Amen