7 July 2020 - 2 Samuel 16:15-23

7 July 2020 - 2 Samuel 16:15-23

In today’s bible passage, we read of two men, Hushai and Ahithophel. Both men differed much in moral character, but they were similar in position as both were advisers in the affairs of state. From their acts, it showed that they are men of wise mind. Using their wisdom, they played the most important part in the events of this part of David's life who has been hit with series of opposition. Even his son, Absalom, was impatient to become king himself, and started a rebellion to take over the throne.

Hushai –

He was a friend of David, a trusted member of David’s court. In other words, he is the personal adviser to the king. In verse 17, Absalom was wondering why Hushai did not go with David, as this is what a friend should do when one is in need. Hushai answered Absalom that “just as he served the father, so he will serve him” (verse 19). This answer most probably will have Absalom to believe that Hushai is also loyal to him too.

In the next chapter, 2 Sam 17, you will read that Hushai was very loyal to David. When consulted by Absalom of Ahithophel’s plan to attack David in the night, he opposed that plan and proposed his own plan to Absalom which was accepted and that gave the advantage to David. In actual fact, it was David who sent Hushai back to Absalom, to both spy on him and to give him bad advice (2 Samuel 15:32-34).

What about you? Are you a close friend of Jesus? Would you follow him faithfully, willing to bear the cross, “walk as he walked,” to separate yourself from the evil that is in the world, to confess his name before men, and to promote the accomplishment of his purposes? Friends come and go. But if Jesus is your friend, He will be your friend forever.

Ahithophel –

He was Bathsheba’s grandfather, a wise and respected counselor, one of David’s most trusted advisers. Sadly, he devoted the force of his wisdom to the evil cause of a rebel. He appears to have secretly aligned himself with Absalom’s rebellion in its planning stage.

In verses 21-22, Absalom, seeking counsel from Ahithophel, is advised to strengthen his position by lying with his father’s (David) concubines in the sight of all Israel. Why would Ahithophel suggest such an act? He could have been motivated by the bitterness he had against David for his treatment of Uriah and Bathsheba, so now it is time for him to get even.

However, for Absalom to take possession of his father’s concubines, would signify Absalom’s assumption of royal power, and in doing that, will shut off all avenue of possible reconciliation between father and son. All of Absalom’s acts were calculated to proclaim without any doubt that he was the new king who had fully replaced David. Interestingly, this advice by Ahithophel was prophesied by prophet Nathan to David in 2 Sam 12:11-12.

Verse 23 also pointed out that “in those days, the advice Ahithophel gave was like that of one who inquires of God. That was how both David and Absalom regarded all of Ahithophel’s advice.”

Ahithophel was a man in great repute as a counselor, but he was not in honor with God. His clever head was associated with a corrupt and treacherous heart. The fact that David had been anointed by God must have been familiar to them all, and to rebel against the Lord’s anointed is also to rebel against the One who anointed him. But when men are alienated from God, they became blind and desperate, seeking not God, but the worldly pleasures and power. Thus, the greater the abilities, the greater the sin of not using them for God and his kingdom.

Suggested Prayer –

Ø  God is indeed a God of Grace and Forgiveness who delights to forgive and to restore. Bring before God any wrongdoings and seek for His blessing.

Ø  Pray that you will stay close to Jesus always. Be His close friend. Ask Jesus for divine protection against any temptation that intends to draw you away from Him.

Ø  Pray for those whom we know are mentally gifted, holding high positions – that they may be good men including their solemn responsibilities before God.