30th July 2020 - Isaiah 12

30th July 2020 - Isaiah 12


This chapter in Isaiah is a triumphant celebration of God’s promise that he will save us and redeem us. The preceding chapters 7 to 11 have told us about the Immanuel prophecy and how God would send the people a Saviour who would save us from the judgment of our sins. Chapter 12 is the climax of these prophecies. It is a statement of faith that what God has promised will come true. Verse 1 thanks God for turning his anger away from the sinner. Instead God will bring us His comfort. God Himself is our strength and defense against sin and He has become our salvation (v2). This repeats the message of salvation in the form of Jesus Christ. He is the source of water, which is life-giving and life-sustaining, from the wells of salvation (v3). Jesus Himself said in John 7:38-39, Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.

In that day (the day we discover that Jesus is the source of life and our salvation, and the day we choose to repent from our sins to follow him), we will be so overjoyed that we will not be able to keep the joy within ourselves. We will praise Him and proclaim His name(v4). We will want to share this miracle with others, because our joy and thankfulness will be so great that we will sing for joy and let it be known to all the world(v4-6).

Let us give thanks to God for his goodness, mercy and grace. Let us thank God for sending us His son Jesus Christ, that we may be saved from the judgment of our sin, if only we choose to accept this amazing offer of salvation. Let us choose wholeheartedly to trade our sorrows for garments of praise (Isaiah 61:3).

Listen to this song of praise while you give thanks to God for saving us from our sins, that we may no longer live under sorrow and judgement, but in joy and victory!


Suggested Prayer

Thank you, God for our salvation. Thank you for your love and mercy over us. Thank you that you have saved us from the judgment that we deserve for sin. Instead of death and punishment, you have given us hope and salvation through Jesus Christ. Thank you that you are our everlasting source of life and joy. We are so grateful, God. Amen.