21 July 2020 - Send Me!

21 July 2020 - SEND ME!

Today’s devotion is taken from Isaiah 6. In this chapter, we read of the vision of the Lord on the throne which Isaiah saw and also of his commissioning as a prophet to deliver the message of God to the Israelites.

Seeing the glory of God and experiencing that awesome splendor, no wonder Isaiah cried out, “Woe to me!” (Is. 6:5). There also seems to be a moment of fear and a cry of despair. Coming into God’s presence has obviously brought great conviction to his heart, He knew he was a sinner, being imperfect to be in the presence of the Perfect One, thus he cried out and confessed that he was a sinner.

As you see the majesty of God, what would be your reaction? Would you react like Isaiah? I trust and hope that as believers when we come into His Presence, our reaction would be to respond in repentance and in humility. We would acknowledge what God has done for us and the price that Jesus had to pay. We would ask for His forgiveness and cleansing. We are nothing, if there is no Jesus. In addition, because of what God has done for us, let us desire wanting to be used by Him, to be His instrument, to partner with Him for the extension of His Kingdom reaching out to the lost ones.

“Here am I. Send me” (Is 6:8). These words are quite popular and they have been used over and over again especially during mission week. Isaiah saw the need of the nation, the need of repentance by the people, and when the Lord asked, “Whom shall I send?”, he responded immediately to that call. He made himself available for God’s use even though the message that he was going to deliver to the people may make him unpopular.

Jesus’ ministry is all about people because He loves them. If people are so important to Jesus, then they should be extremely important to us too. All believers are called to serve people in need, whether it’s a need of food and shelter, or a need for knowledge, financial etc. Furthermore, we ourselves have tasted the goodness of God and have been truly blessed. In return, we should also want to reciprocate and tell others of our experience with Jesus. We should be excited about the good news and want to share with those who haven’t heard so that they will also be able to enter into the same relationship with Jesus and experience that life now has a meaning to it.

In ending, do reflect on how God is calling you to use your talent, experience, and passion, to reach out to those in need, and do respond in obedience to His calling.

Prayer – Lord Jesus, thank you for the word from Isaiah 6. Forgive me for my shortcomings. May what You have revealed to me through Your Word today dwell in my heart and prompt me to action. Amen.