09 July 2020 - Psalm 63

Daily Devotion 9th July

Psalm 63

This psalm has been used for many, many worship songs. This one below is my favourite. It’s an oldie from my younger days and it reminds me of the amazing time, when I first fully understood what being a Christian means. It is a love song that we sing to God, because we want to express our joy when we have realised how much He loves us.

When we sing Psalm 63, we are telling God that we earnestly seek and thirst for Him (v1). We long for him in a dry parched land where there is no water (v1), which represents a world without Him. Jesus tells us in John 4:14 that whoever drinks of the water that He will give us, will never thirst, but the water that He will give us will become in us a well of water springing up to eternal life. Jesus was, of course, talking about the Holy Spirit. We will never again run dry.

In verse 2, we declare that we have seen God and we recognize His power and His glory. We confess to God that our lips will glorify Him because his love is better than anything this life can offer us (v3). In verse 4, we promise to praise and worship God as long as we live. We declare in faith that we will be fully satisfied in God’s presence (v5). God’s complete love and glory is able to overcome any discontent in our hearts. We choose to intentionally think of Him and meditate on His word and His goodness (v6).

We confess to God that we need Him and we need His help (v7), therefore we choose to be sheltered and protected by Him (v7). We promise that we will cling to Him (v8) and we trust that He will uphold us and keep us safe from all danger. We are confident in God’s ability to vindicate us because we know that those who would want to harm us will be destroyed (v9) and will not get away with it.

We choose to rejoice in God, like King David and we know that those who swear by him (who trust and honour Him and acknowledge His authority) will be glorified. We do not have to worry about those who tell lies about us, because we have been promised that those who speak lies will be stopped (v11). King David wrote these words as he was experiencing slander and betrayal from his enemies, but he knew that God would protect and vindicate Him. As it says so clearly in Romans 8:31-39 if God is for us, who can be against us? Nothing can separate us from God’s love.


Suggested personal reflection
Spend some time to meditate on God’s goodness and worship Him today. Remind yourself of the times when God has comforted you, helped you, and provided for you. Rejoice in His goodness and faithfulness. Give thanks to Him for His enduring love for us.