02 July 2020 - Psalm 62

02 July 2020

Today’s devotion is taken from Psalm 62.                                            

In the above passage, we can see that David was writing about his ordeals and torments, particularly on some people who were attacking him (verse 3 and 4). Torments could take the form of different issues, perhaps, the fear of failure, suffering from anxiety and so on. Whatever it is, David wrote the above Psalm to encourage us to look to God for comfort and peace in times of trouble. Though he was being put down by the world, his faith in God did not waiver. He persisted in trusting God. Why? Because God was his hope and salvation.

Torments and attacks

We face torments and attacks from people around us from time to time. It could be our bosses or others around us putting us down on a daily basis or friends calling us names because of how we look or act. This can lead to great mental suffering and unhappiness in our lives if we do not deal with it. But our Heavenly Father does not want us to live in such torment, which could lead us into depression and darkness. God has promised that while Satan only comes to steal, kill and destroy, He has come to give us eternal life (John 10:10). Living for the approval of others is a miserable way to live and it will cripple our life. While it is easier said than done, it is necessary to make a conscious to affirm our faith daily because only God can truly deliver us from the evil plans laid to ruin us (see and pray Psalm 91-1:16)

But how do we respond to attacks and torments?

The world will tell you that revenge is the way to redemption! But the bible tells us otherwise. Matthew 5:11-12 says that:

 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Of course it is difficult to rejoice and be glad when we are being tormented or attacked! Which is why, David tells us that we must (first and foremost) find rest in our Heavenly Father. Only then can we find peace and react wisely! We rest with peace because we know we have been forgiven by God and He is in control of our lives and all that we face. It is with this inner peace we face each day and thus are able to be at peace with others around us. Therefore, the key to responding to attacks and torments focus on Christ and bring to him our petitions so that His peace that surpasses all understanding may rest upon us (Philippians 4:6-7). We must cultivate our relationship with God and the more we love God, the less we set our minds to worldly interest which is vulnerable to for us to feel hurt. This is why the Psalmist reminds us to trust in him at ALL times for God is our mighty rock and refuge (V.6-8).


Dear Heavenly Father, I declare that today I will stand firm in you, my rock and my refuge! I choose to stand against the attacks of the enemy and that it will not have control over me. I put my trust in You completely because You are my hope and salvation. Today, I put on the full armour of God so that I will be ready to face any situations that present itself to me. Lastly, I pray for Your joy and peace to fill my life even in times of despair and torment so that I may react wisely to those who hurt me.