27 June 2020 - Just "Very Angry"

27 June 2020 - Just "Very Angry"

2 Samuel 13:1-22

This chapter records the story after David committed the sin of adultery and murder. It tells of a shocking and tragic story in the life and family of a great man of God. What can be more heart breaking to any family than what happened in this story.

To add to the whole pain, the author added this line, "But when King David heard of all these things, he was very angry." (II Samuel 13:21) No justice, no discipline, no healing and no closure. Just 'very angry'. I am speechless when I read this dark and tragic story of  the family.  The man who led Israel to victories could not do more for his family than just 'very angry'.  This mere 'very angry' became the seed of destruction, revenge, betrayal and murder to the family of David.

Why just 'very angry'? Where is that godly anger and courageous act we read of when he heard Goliath insulting God and Israel? Where is the compass of right and wrong?

I believe the answer lies with chapter 11-12. David's dark and hidden sins changed him forever. The David from chapter 11 onward was not the same David we read of earlier. He found God's grace and forgiveness but he would never be the same again. The saddest part is that it struck at the closest thing to him- his family. He could no longer lead his family, he could not give love, justice and leadership to the family. Worse, he could not give God's law the way it should have. In short, he lost his authority and mandate as a father. In a family where a father is supposed the king (provide leadership, justice and protection), prophet (speak God's word) and priest (intercede and lead in worship), David lost the mandate and authority when he chose sins. The voice "Who am I to give justice?" will always scream at him and weaken his conviction. As we read in this story and the next, David's voice of truth and justice only grew weaker and softer.

Are there sins that lurk at the door of my heart?


Lord, teach me to learn the dangers of sin as much as a child learn the dangers of fire. Teach me to guard my heart against sins and build huge margin between my life and sins. Above all teach me to stay close to you and your words so that sins would not be near nor attractive. In Christ's Name. Amen