20 June 2020 - Stay close to Him

20 June 2020 - Stay close to Him

Hadadezer was the Syrian king of Zobah who came to help King Hanun fight against the Israelites.  Hanun had initiated the battle after dishonouring King David.

Interestingly, the name Hanun means 'favoured' (Strong's 2586), which comes from the verb 'hanan', חנן meaning to be gracious.   As we can see from yesterday's reading, Hanun was anything but that.  He unwisely chose to be distrustful of David and insulted his envoys, thereby insulting David himself.

Hadadezer means 'Hadad is help' (Strong's 1909).  He helped Hanun, but he was helping the wrong people and was ultimately working against God.

Sometimes in life, we blatantly make wrong choices.  We go against who God has called us to be, as did Hanun, going against being 'gracious and merciful'.  We can also sin against God by doing what looks like the right thing, but being wrongly aligned.  Hadadezer was indeed helpful, as his name means, but to the wrong people.

We need to stay in alignment with God to be blessed and see success in our endeavours.  Doing what seems to be the right thing can still be the wrong thing if God isn't in it.  Stay close to Him and listen to Him.  Cultivate a heart that listens by spending time with Him each day worshipping, getting to know Him through His word, praying and waiting on Him.  It is in the secret place that we find Him.  Prov 25:2 It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search it out.

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