05 June 2020 - The war between the house of Saul and the house of David lasted a long time. 2 Samuel 3:1

The war between the house of Saul and the house of David lasted a long time.

2 Samuel 3

2 Samuel 3:20-38

Why is this passage included in the Bible? What is the relevance of this passage to us today? To understand why, we need to step back and consider the big picture similarities between that time and now.

Israel were the people through whom God chose to display His glory in the world. King David was the leader of God’s people. Unfortunately, despite the anointing of the Holy Spirit through Samuel, many people in Israel still refused to recognize David as king. The church would get on a lot better if we were better at recognizing God’s anointing on today’s leaders (David) and also recognized the loss of anointing on yesterday’s leaders (Saul) due to sin. In our own lives, we need to recognize our tendencies that nourish and diminish the anointing of God on our lives. When our ministry goes wrong because people are fighting, when jealousy and envy and strife abound, we should recognize the acts of the sinful nature in rebellion to God as Paul describes in Galatians 5:19-21. We need to come before God and repent and pray for the anointing of His Spirit. We need to pray for His fruit in our lives and also to crucify the sinful nature (Galatians 5;22-26).

In 2 Samuel Chapter 3, many of the people called to fight against God’s enemies were instead wrongly fighting against their spiritual brothers. Today, like the ancient Israelites, we are the witnesses of His Glory to the world. Unfortunately, in the church we too may see rivalries, envy and bitterness amongst people who should be united.

This scripture described the rivalry that existed between army commanders under David on one side and Saul’s offspring on the other. They hated each other. They served under different agendas. Sometimes in church, people with selfish agendas do great harm against the church and weaken it, just as Israel was weakened by years of civil war.

Joab knew he could not openly kill Abner. So, he did it secretly, viciously and with deception. Joab totally lacked accountability. He went against David and completely failed to see that David as his leader, would be blamed for Abner’s death. After Abner’s murder, David made strong public statements of mourning for Abner so that Israel understood he had no part in Abner’s death (2 Samuel 3:3-39). Joab was so filled with vengeance and hatred, David eventually had to order his death (1 Kings 2:29-34). Joab had become a lost cause, completely unaccountable before God and man, just like Saul the man he had fought against. Bitterness and hatred had corrupted him. These sins are powerful and can corrupt us too if we do not recognize them and repent. In the end, Joab could not avoid being held to account, and was punished for his evil conduct.

Suggested prayer: Father God, help us to keep ourselves accountable before you and others. May we always live by Your Spirit and put to death our sinful nature. May we forgive those who sin against us and progress in our walk with you, like David did. May we not in turn become corrupted and rejected of God like Joab. May we use our time and ministry wisely to be led by Your Spirit and have Your priorities leading us in all areas of our lives. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.