18 Apr 2020 - Luke 22:47-53

18th April 2020

Luke 22:47 – 53 record the events after Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane up to Jesus’ arrest.  From verses 49 and 50, we know that the followers of Jesus were trying to prevent Jesus from being arrested.  The followers asked Jesus if they should put up a fight (v. 49).  Before Jesus could answer their question, one of the followers then struck the servant of the high priest cutting off his right ear (v. 50).  In verse 51, Jesus commanded his followers not put up a fight, and Jesus touched the servant’s ear and healed him.  Jesus knew that it is the Father’s will for Jesus to be crucified to obtain eternal redemption for mankind by dying for our sins.  Therefore, Jesus allowed Himself to be arrested and later to be crucified at Calvary.

Reflection:    Do we react to our circumstances and act hastily without even waiting for God to respond like the followers of Jesus in v. 50?

Meditation:   Life is full of ups and downs.  However, whether life is up or down, God is always in control in all circumstances – even where the circumstances looks very bad for us.  God takes what was intended for evil and turn it for good.

Prayer:              Lord, we may not understand why bad things have to happen but help us to have the assurance that You are always in control and to know that all things will turn out to be good in accordance to Your will.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.