09 Apr 2020 - Jesus washes His disciple's feet

09 Apr 2020
John 13:1-17
Jesus washes His disciple’s feet

Today’s devotion is taken from John 13:1-17 – Jesus washes His disciple’s feet.

Back in the days, it was customary for guests to wash their feet before entering into someone’s home and this is usually done by a servant. Unlike in the present day, people at the time wore sandals and their feet would often become dirty from traveling dusty roads and paths. Despite this custom, Jesus as Lord and Teacher, washed His disciples’ feet.

Peter was surprised that Jesus would kneel down to wash their feet (John 13:16) and blurted out “Lord, are you washing my feet.” Here we can see Jesus correcting Peter’s thoughts on what the world perceived a “powerful person” or a “lord” should be like. Jesus simply responded “What I’m doing you do not understand but you will understand after this.” What Jesus meant was the disciples will understand the spiritual significance of this act of humility.

Can you imagine if the most powerful person, say a King or the President, were to tell you that he wishes to bend down to wash your feet? If someone so powerful was willing to do such an unpleasant and lowly task, what more us.

So from this passage, we are all called to follow His example and to wash each other’s feet which simply means to serve one another. For Jesus said “If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet” (John 13:13-14 ) The washing of the disciples’ feet was also a glimpse into the ultimate act of humility which is His willingness to give His life for all mankind.

This passage challenges us to have a Kingdom mindset and not have a worldly mindset. As Christ followers, we must ask ourselves this question: Will we carry the plans and purposes of God with humility towards others or will we conform to the worldly standard of power and status?

Let me invite you to self-reflect on whether there was an incident whereby you have not acted humbly or serve others in the past week. For instance, what would you do or say:
When you have been asked to do a task that you think is beneath you or your ranking; or
In a situation where you have waited for food because the restaurant waitress forgets to key in your order.

Jesus we want to thank You for going on the cross to die for us. We want to thank You for this greatest act of humility that mankind has ever seen. That You were obedient to death even death on the cross. In a world that hungers for power and status, we often forget to act humbly as we want others to serve us. So we pray that each day before we get up and start our day, help us to remember that we have been called to seek Your attitude of humility and serve others with kindness.