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30 Apr 2020 - Psalm 53 and Luke 24:50-53.

Daily Devotion 30th April Psalm 53 and Luke 24:50-53.   Psalm 53 describes man’s evil, corrupt and foolish nature. This psalm is almost identical to Psalm 14. Both were written by David, probably at different times in his life. The apostle Paul quotes Psalm 53 in Romans 3:10-12. The theme is clearly important and God wants us to pay attention to what he is telling us through these scriptures.   Psalm 53:1-3 tell us about our original sinful nature. David warns us in verse 1 not to disregard God. Without God and left to our own foolish desires and impulses, we are all sinful and corrupt. In verse 2, God watches us closely to see if any of us understands our sinful state without God and if we will seek Him. Unfortunately, in verse 3 He finds that everyone has turned away and become corrupt; no one does good.   Psalm 53:4-5 describe the actions and state of mind of people who disregard God. They destroy and “devour” people carelessly and easily without a thought, “a

29 Apr 2020 - Half Obedience is disobedience

Half Obedience is disobedience 1 Samuel 15 It has been a thought-provoking reading journey as we have sketched Saul’s rise to leadership. Today we read of his eventual falling away from the Lord.   The final rejection of Saul from being king, for his disobedience to God’s command in not utterly destroying the Amalekites, is here. His integrity is laid to dust because of his mismanagement, disobedience and false hope to augment his own name and honor. Suffice it to say, God is always just in his actions; this was a unique personality in Old Testament history; that God chose to bring his just judgment for sin upon the Amalekites at this time; and he was using the nation of Israel to do it, through Saul. He thought a little disobedience is acceptable and ignored God’s command “attack the Amalekites and totally destroy everything that belongs to them” (Vs 3) Saul did his work by halves, (Vs 9). He spared Agag, because he was a king like himself, and perhaps in hope to

28 Apr 2020 - Tuesday Prayer Points

Good Afternoon, Here is the prayer points for today. Please intercede and pray with on your own or with your family from 6.30pm to 7.30pm. Thank you, practice good hygiene and remember to stay connected! God Bless

28 April 2020 – The Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35)

28 April 2020 The Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35) In today’s bible passage, we read of 2 disciples walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus, talking with each other about everything that had happened. When Jesus came along and walked with them, asking about their conversation topic, they thought he was a stranger because they were kept from recognizing Him. Thus, they proceeded to tell Him the recent event of Christ’s death and the empty tomb.               Why do you think Jesus wants to conceal His identity? With the conversation they had, the disciples were struggling to understand the recent events they witnessed and were still not able to see how Jesus’ death could save mankind. Jesus prevented them from recognizing Him so they could have the opportunity to see and understand with real clarity. In that journey, Jesus taught them from the Old Testament to show who He was, why He had come, and why it was necessary. Jesus wanted them to recognize that all that had happened was i