28 Mar 2020 - Wanting to See Jesus

Devotion, 28 March 2020
Luke 19:1-9 – Wanting to See Jesus
“He wanted to see Jesus… (v. 3)”

Zacchaeus was a very wealthy Jewish man. Despite his wealth, he was hated and despised by his fellow countrymen. He was seen as a traitor to his people for a) working for the Roman Empire, b) collecting tax and, c) cheating people by collecting more than he should. He was an extremely despicable sinner!

Scripture tells us that this despicable man “wanted to see Jesus (v3)”. If you make a quick comparison with him and the Rich Ruler in Luke 18:18-30, you will notice that the Rich Ruler went to meet Jesus because he desired to acquire eternal life. Zacchaeus simply wanted to see Jesus. He was not so much looking for salvation, but rather he was seeking the Saviour.  By inviting Jesus into his home, he received both the Saviour and salvation. The evidence of salvation is a transformed life. Zacchaeus was transformed because he saw Jesus and welcomed him into his home.

We can be very disillusioned by our good works and religious activities. We can be good Christians but miss the point that salvation comes to those who “want to see Jesus”. The Scripture tells us that those who seek him with all their hearts will find him (Jeremiah 29:13), and that God draws close to those who draw close to him (James 4:28). The fact that Jesus went to Zacchaeus was because Zacchaeus sought for Jesus and drew close to him.

Today, we are reminded that Jesus wants to meet with us but… do you want to see him?

Holy Spirit, help me to desire to see Jesus Christ. May I meet Him today in my devotions, worship and prayers, so that in my encounter with Him I will invite the Saviour into my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.