21 Mar 2020 - Which Is Real?

Sat, 21 March Devotion
Which Is Real?
Luke 17:20-37

In this passage Jesus speaks of the Kingdom of God and His coming (both 1st and 2nd).

How real is God's Kingdom to me? Is it more real than our lives on earth? Which is more real determines our preparedness for Christ's 2nd coming. When I think of 'real' I don't just mean what I see , hear or can touch but ultimately what captivates my heart. For example, one can be captivated by money even though he would never in his life sees the full amount of money he has at one time.

In verses 26-29, referring to the time of Noah and Lot, Jesus speaks of our preoccupation with this life '... the hearing, drinking, marrying, buying and selling...'. The 'seen' often makes the 'unseen' less real, less important or less urgent. The things of the earth, including the good things can make heaven or God 'unreal'.

Our soul is at stake. There is a warning in this passage- our unpreparedness means we lose our place in the eternal Kingdom of God.

How prepared one is depend on how real the Kingdom of God is to him.

How can the Kingdom of God be real that it captivates my heart? By knowing better the King. Jesus says the Kingdom of God is among you (v.21), referring to Himself as King and all who believed in Him as citizens of His Kingdom. Choose to know the King and grow closer daily. Walk with Him. Obey Him. Set our hearts to love Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Keep growing in Him. Never stop. Fix your eyes on Him.

Lord, I wonder whether I am prepared for your return or whether I seek first your Kingdom. Help me, teach me, guard my heart and show me more of you. Tutor my heart that it be set unto you and you alone. In your precious Name I humbly pray. Amen