Notices - 30th January 2011

Foundation Class for Adults - Knowing God better by knowing his word
  • Starting this Tuesday 25th January @ 8pm at Vicarage.
  • 2 weeks break during the Chinese New Year. (Total 11 sessions)

Prayer Meetings in February
  • 1st February – Prayer Room @ 6pm at Parish Hall & 8pm at Creche
  • 8th February - Prayer Room @ 6pm only at Parish Hall
  • 15th February - No Prayer Meeting
  • 22nd February – Pray As One 1 (Corporate Prayer Meeting) @ 6:30pm at Church Hall

The Boys' Brigade
  • The Boys’ Brigade resumed their meeting on 16th January.
  • If your child is in Primary 4 & above, enroll him in the Brigade’s healthy physical activities together with spiritual upbringing. Recommend children of your friends to join as well! 
  • Recalling from the Pastor’s column (church bulletin dated 9th January) "too much water for the plant will result in a tree which tremble in the wind" (unable to handle pressures in life).
  • Call the Boys’ Brigade Captain, Walter

Other Announcements
  • Diocesan Church Calendars 2011: There are still some available copies for sale @BND3 each. Please get them from Church office if interested.
  • Church Office will be closed this Wednesday 2nd February afternoon (CNY Eve), Thursday 3rd February (Chinese New Year) & 4th February (morning).
    We wish all our Chinese members a Blessed Lunar New Year.
  • CSC will be organising a Chinese New Year Service this Thursday 3rd February @ 10am at Church Hall. Welcome to anyone who would like to attend.