Notices - 8th August 2010

We Were Made For Relationship
  • “A forty-day journey that will bring new health and richness to all the relationships in our lives.”
  • Date: 18th July - 4th September
  • 40 Days Small Group Studies during these coming weeks
  • This week study on: Love Speaks the Truth
  • If you are not part of a care group yet, we encourage you to be part of one. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity!

Missions Fest 2010: Love in Action - Matthew 25:40
(no Care Group meetings this Thursday)
  • Thursday, 12th August @ 8pm
    • English Congregation Seminar
    • GIGSA Seminar
  • Friday, 13th August @ 8pm
    • Chinese Seminar
    • Tamil Seminar
  • Saturday, 14th August @ 4pm
    • YDM Youth Service
  • Sunday, 15th August @ All Sunday Services
    • including Children Ministry
    • @ 2.30pm EverGreen Ministry

SAC Pray As1 Corporate Prayer Meeting
  • Date: Tuesday, 17th August 2010
  • Time: 6:30pm to 8pm
  • Venue:SAC Church Hall
  • All are Welcome to participate
  • Please be reminded weekly Tuesday Prayer Meetings are ongoing @ 6pm at the Parish Hall.

Blood Donation Day - Donate Blood Save Life!
  • Blood Donation day, Friday 20th August (9am to 11am)
  • at Parish Hall
  • To know the estimated number who will donate, we need donors to register at the main entrance. Thank you

Ladies Night with Joyce
  • For ladies only
  • Date: Saturday, 4th September 2010
  • Topic: Redefining Fitness & Beauty
  • Ladies Dinner followed by motivational talk, more details to be advised.
  • Tickets will be available from next Sunday 15th August.