Notices - 24th January 2010

Notice of annual general meeting – boys’ brigade
  • The AGM of the Boys’ Brigade will be held today in Room Year 7Y at St. Andrew’s School, beginning @ 2pm.

The Boys’ Brigade
  • The Boys’ Brigade is raising funds for their 2010 activities by doing odd jobs in return for financial contributions.
  • Please contact Walter for further arrangements.

Combined service on Chinese New Year
  • Sunday 14 Feb 2010
  • Combined English Svc @ 8:15am Sunday 14 Feb (being 1st day of Chinese New Year)
  • CSC Chinese Svc @ 10:30am
  • GIGSA & Tamil service times remain unchanged

Breakfast Sponsors for 2010
  • We are still looking for sponsors for Breakfast for next year 2010.
  • All proceeds from breakfast sales go to SAC Poor & Needy Fund
  • Minimum contribution is BND50, breakfast can be arranged through Church Office.
  • Those interested to be sponsors, please fill in your details & choice of dates on the Breakfast List at the main entrance. Thank you
  • Our heartfelt Thanks & Appreciation to all who contributed in 2009.

Upcoming Events
  • Next PS1 is Tuesday 9 February @ 8pm (please note time)
  • Ash Wednesday on Wednesday 17 February
  • Prayer Chain (10-16 March during Lent Season)
  • KOOL Camp 19-21 March
  • Blood Donation Day Sunday 21 March (9am-11am)
  • YDM Youth Camp 24-27 March
  • SAC Trekkers/R4TW on Sun 11 April (afternoon)
  • Church Annual AGM Friday 16 April
  • Overnight Prayer Meeting 22-23 May
  • Church Camp 29-31 May (in Miri)


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