Notices - 1st November 2009

Confirmation (Anglican Church Membership)

To all who were baptised this year & previous years but not confirmed yet, please take note of the following:
  • Confirmation is on Sunday 22Nov09 @7-45am English service;
  • Preparation for Confirmation is on Saturday 14Nov09 from 5pm (sharp) to 7-30pm (attendance is compulsory)
  • For those who can OR cannot make it for the Confirmation, please  inform Church Office latest by next Sunday 08Nov09.
Other Upcoming Events
  • Gotong Royong, Friday 13Nov09 (2pm to 5pm)
  • Reverend Andy’s Ordination Service, Saturday 21Nov09 @5-45pm
  • CSC & English Confirmation on Sunday 22Nov09 1st English Svc @7-45am.
  • GIGSA Confirmation is @6-30pm
  • “Bring & Share” Breakfast on Sunday 22Nov09 after 1st English Service.
SAC T-shirts for Sale
  • Those who are interested to buy SAC T-shirts, please place your order at the booth outside after Service today.
  • Price is @BND12 per T-shirt.
  • Sale is open Today & next Sunday 08Nov09 only.
SAC Caroling
  • SAC Carolers are available to sing CAROLS to usher in The Season of Love , Joy & Hope
  • From the 26th Nov to 19th Dec 2009.
  • The KOOL carolers from 17th Dec – 19th Dec 2009 only
  • Sign up at the main entrance or contact Dawn 
Christmas  Bowl - Bless the Community
  • Craft Project
  • You can be a Blessing…..
    • By getting involved to make QUALITY Handmade seasonal crafts and cards
    • And/Or by Purchasing or Helping to sell these crafts.            
  • Be involved & Sign up today at the main entrance of the church or with church office by 15th Nov 09 
  • Open to All AGES – kids above 7 to Adults


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