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Help, Hinder or Honour? (3 John 1:1 - 14)

3rd John is a private letter between the Apostle John and a Christian named Gaius. It provides glimpses into the character of three different men in the early church, from whom we can learn our lessons today. A man who helped God’s work: Gaius Gaius, the recipient of this letter, is John’s friend (3 John 1:1). John calls this man a “dear/ beloved friend” (verses 1, 2, and 11). Gaius is commended for his hospitality to traveling preachers of the gospel (verses 5, 6 and 8); for his faithfulness (verse 5); for his love (verse 6); and for walking in the truth (verse 3).  That is probably why John Bunyan, needing a name for his innkeeper in The Pilgrim’s Progress, chose the name “Gaius.” Gaius’s means “happy” or “one who rejoices,” and Gaius seem to have known the joy that comes from serving the Lord and walked in the truth. John says “I rejoiced greatly when brethren came and testified of the truth that is in you, just as you walk in the truth” (v 3).  Gaius was also generous and loving to

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