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Cornelius (Acts 10:1 - 8)

Today’s devotion is about a Roman Centurion by the name of Cornelius. Luke describes Cornelius as a man who feared God. He also led his household to worship God. Cornelius was also a charitable man who gave generously to poor. Some might say surely this man deserves to be in heaven! But the truth is this, despite his good works, he was not saved yet until he hears and accepts the Gospel.   Maybe some of us know someone who is not a Christian but is generous and considered a good person according to society. There are many people who are charitable that we read in the news who has donated to people in need and this is what we are reading in these verses with Cornelius. The world has a works based mentality and sometimes some may assume that by their good works, God would accept them. This is where we need to turn to Scripture and Scripture tells us that one cannot be saved by their works but by placing their faith in Jesus Christ. Do we know someone like Cornelius who needs to hear th

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